3 Steps in One Hour Article Listings LISTING 1: Create a basic map with full pan and zoom capabilities ArcWeb Services JavaScript API Sample App
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LISTING 2: Add an interactive data layer. //Adding a data layer. Use ArcWeb data or to upload your own data go to //the ArcWeb Portal at www.arcwebservices.com/v2006/builder_main.jsp. myExplorer.addGroupLayer("queryGroupLayer", "ArcWeb:NT.POI.NA", {whereClause:"FAC_TYPE = '5800'", //FAC_TYPE, or Facility Type: Restaurants (5800), //Other examples include Hospitals (8060), Police Stations (9221), //Hotels (7011), ATMs (3578), Schools (8211) labelField:"POI_NAME", //set the field labels orderByField:"POI_NAME", //set field name display order orderByDecending:false, // count:25, //set max. number of results returned refreshScope:5 //set buffer around extent }); LISTING 3: Activate all widgets. myExplorer.showWidget(AWMap.WIDGET_WIDGETBAR, 0, 0);