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April - June 2006
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Maximizing Opportunities for Developers

Vertical industry software developers, development groups in commercial or technical organizations, COTS/GOTS developers, and systems integrators as well as existing Esri customers who are developers can benefit by joining the Esri Developer Network (EDN). EDN helps lower costs while improving productivity for software developers building applications that use GIS.

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The EDN Web site puts GIS developers in touch with a global community of their peers. Developer subscribers and Esri developers can share ideas and information in a cooperative environment.

EDN is an annual subscription-based program that provides software developers with the resources to build custom GIS solutions. These resources include a software library for developing and testing applications, tools for increasing productivity, and a collaborative environment dedicated to developer applications that use GIS. Esri created EDN to reduce the cost and complexity associated with developing GIS applications. EDN subscriptions are available to all developer customers, not just Esri business partners.

EDN maximizes opportunities for developers on the ArcGIS platform. The EDN software library furnishes Esri products in a cost-effective manner. It includes licenses for

  • ArcIMS—geopublishing on the Internet
  • ArcSDE—advanced geospatial data server
  • ArcWeb Services—GIS Web services that can be integrated into applications
  • ArcGIS Server—enterprise GIS application server for centrally managed GIS
  • ArcGIS Engine—components for creating custom desktop GIS applications
  • ArcReader—desktop map viewer
  • Esri Data & Maps CDs

The EDN Web site is the primary technical and collaborative resource for all aspects of the Esri developer platform. This site contains resources for both novice and expert developers and covers all aspects of the ArcGIS product line. It is a portal that unifies the Esri developer experience by providing access to all Esri developer products. Instead of having to access help for individual products, it provides a seamless environment that makes it easy to transition between products.

This support includes a documentation library, help index, search capabilities, code samples, and object models. To keep EDN subscribers at the forefront of GIS software development, subscriptions include the ability to download software and updates and developer preview releases. The Developer Summit provides an opportunity for face-to-face interaction with fellow developers and members of the Esri software development team. [See the accompanying story for a report on the inaugural Developer Summit held March 1718, 2006, in Palm Springs, California.]

The EDN site also hosts cross-product development information that helps developers build comprehensive solutions across the entire ArcGIS platform. Case studies and design patterns help developers, database administrators, and system integrators leverage this platform.

The EDN Web site puts GIS developers in touch with a global community of their peers. Developer subscribers and Esri developers can share ideas and information in a cooperative environment. This interaction will strengthen the Esri development platform.

Instructor-led training, tailored to the needs of developers, is available and offered to EDN subscribers at a discounted rate. These five-day courses, offered at Esri training facilities, help EDN subscribers be more successful with GIS development projects.

For those developers who want additional support, as EDN subscribers, they can purchase optional high-quality technical support from the Esri Developer Support Group that covers all EDN products and includes 10 calls. Learn how to subscribe at

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