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April 2012

Do You Live in Canine Country?

By Karen Richardson
Esri Writer

The recent economic downturn never put a dent in pet spending. While the spike in unemployment and home foreclosures put a damper on dining out and buying clothes, Americans continued to pamper their pets. Spending on pets increased from $48.3 billion in 2010 to an estimated $52.8 billion this year.

Treats are a fast-growing category of spending on pets, and businesses that cater to pet owners keep track of these trends, in part to decide where to open new stores. To find where market demand is high and low for dog and cat treats, Esri staff analyzed Market Potential and Consumer Spending data and used ArcGIS to create the maps Do You Live in Canine Country? and Do You Live in Cat Country? Each map shows where the demand is strong or weak for dog and cat treats. Click on any area of the country, and a pie chart also will appear that compares the number of dog households to cat households in the area. Where do dogs dominate and cats rule? Read the article and explore the maps.

See where there's a high, average, or low demand for dog treats using this web map created with ArcGIS.
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