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Amazon Web Services


Together, Esri and Amazon Web Services offer a practical approach to running your GIS services and applications in the cloud. The Amazon cloud is an ideal environment for developing and deploying applications built on ArcGIS Server and provides virtually unlimited computing power for intensive GIS analyses and spatial data processing.

Currently, Esri offers these solutions for running ArcGIS Server on Amazon Web Services.

ArcGIS Server on Amazon EC2: Pre-configured ArcGIS Server images available to licensed ArcGIS Server users upon request through Esri customer service.

Esri Managed Services: A flexible Esri managed environment for hosting your Web applications and services on Amazon Web Services.

ArcGIS for Amazon EC2 Jumpstart Package: A package of Esri Professional Services designed to assist organizations in implementing their Amazon Web Services solutions.

To learn more about cloud computing and GIS, visit Cloud GIS.

Amazon Web Services

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