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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is the practice of transforming data from disparate operational units into a common environment for analysis and reporting. Integration of GIS with this common environment is much more cost effective than linking GIS to multiple, disconnected, operational systems.

GIS enhances BI analytics by exposing the influence of geography on behaviors, activities and processes. Adding maps to the reporting output of BI allows decision makers to easily visualize these same geographically influenced behaviors, activities and processes. These reports are an effective means of communicating geographically influenced performance information throughout an organization. The result of a successful BI implementation is improved decision making through improved analysis, and more comprehensive and timely reporting.

In order to bring the benefits of integrated GIS and BI to their respective clients, a number of Esri Corporate Alliances have created cost effective integration applications. Esri Business Partners have also integrated Esri GIS applications with BI offerings from other providers. Esri users will benefit from these applications by now having the capability to exploit enterprise reporting and analysis BI resources in their organizations.

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