Esri Corporate Alliances

Data Providers

Organizations that provide data put the information behind the map with quality digital map databases. These organizations provide global map coverage, including road networks, and satellite and aerial imagery, which help businesses and consumers better comprehend and analyze geographic relationships. Integrating GIS with this data creates complete mapping and analysis solutions.

The digital map content of these data providers supplies the foundation for GIS applications including routing, Web mapping, emergency response, site selection, risk analysis, facilities management, and more. These applications are used by a number of industries including telecommunications, retail business, utilities, insurance, and government, to identify new markets, increase customer satisfaction, to make better decisions overall. These solutions allow users to save valuable time while cutting unnecessary costs.

Esri has Corporate Alliance relationships with a number of data providers who optimally leverage the capabilities of our software to offer a number of different complete mapping solutions. These joint solutions allow customers to improve their current applications with a solid software platform combined with detailed, superior mapping.

Data Provider Alliances

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