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Working together to deliver database management solutions.

Esri and Oracle have been partners for more than 10 years. The combination of market and business strengths, as well as technology expertise, allows Esri and Oracle to provide customers with the best spatial analysis and information management database solutions available.

ArcGIS Server Enterprise and Oracle 11g—A Complete Solution

Esri's ArcGIS Server Enterprise (all editions) software combined with Oracle 11g can provide a complete solution for distributing maps and spatial data across the Internet and for wireless location services.

ArcGIS Server Enterprise (all editions) includes enterprise ArcSDE technology which is part of the enterprise geodatabase—it serves as the database access engine to spatial data, its associated attributes, and metadata which can be implemented within Oracle 11g's relational database management system (DBMS).

Enterprise ArcSDE technology for Oracle offers a geometry storage type (ST Geometry) that enables direct SQL access to the geodatabase. In addition,

  • This storage complies with both the International Organization for Standards  (ISO) and Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) standards.
  • It extends the capabilities of the Oracle database by providing storage for objects (e.g., points, lines, and polygons) that represent geographic features.
  • It is designed to make efficient use of Oracle database resources; to be compatible with Oracle database features such as replication and partitioning; and to provide rapid access to spatial data.
  • It allows you to integrate spatial data with other types of business data, so your multiuser database gains the advantage of adding a geographic component to your analyses and data products.

Support for Oracle 11g Locator and Oracle 11g Spatial

ArcGIS Server Enterprise (all editions) also fully supports Oracle 11g Locator and Oracle 11g Spatial in addition to Esri's own ST Geometry spatial type.


Listen to a Podcast

  • Julian Ware [MP3] Podcast Spatial Data Analyst, City of Oakland, discusses how ArcGIS Server and Oracle provide better services to constituents and streamline your operations.

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