SAP BW Integration Solutions

Esri's ArcView mapping software can be a powerful tool when integrated with SAP BW. ArcView can be used to locate (geocode) customer addresses and display these locations on a map. Visualizing customer locations can be useful in determining, for example, whether customers are distributed evenly or concentrated in a geographic area, thus helping determine whether a particular business is best leveraging its whole market potential.

IT managers will appreciate the flexibility afforded by ArcView Geographic data, such as sales area, detailed streets and points representing sales representatives can be mapped to visualize and further analyze the information.

SAP BW users have two solution options for integrating SAP BW and ArcView. Both options include SAP's BExMAP and Esri's OLAP for ArcGIS Add-on.


The first solution is a mapping interface for the SAP BW Business Explorer called BExMAP. This SAP-created interface allows users to attach maps to reports that have spatially oriented data, thus making it possible to view data in a map as easily as viewing it on a table or chart.

Customers who purchase SAP BW are eligible to receive a free copy of Esri's ArcView desktop mapping software. To obtain your copy, complete the ArcView Software Voucher. The diagram below shows the version correlation of SAP BW to Esri's ArcView. For more information on the BExMAP application, visit the SAP Library or

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