SAP MAM Integration Solutions

SAP Mobile Asset Management (MAM) 3.0 comes with the ability to interact with a mobile GIS map viewer such as ArcPad. To enable this capability, read SAP Note 885914. The note describes an Esri ArcPad specific implementation and mentions a sample Esri GIS driver available for download. Follow instructions in the included readme document. If you do not have a copy of ArcPad, it is available for download if you would like to purchase or evaluate it.

In addition to the driver and ArcPad, you will need a background map and the layers that would compose that map. Note that the map and layers should correspond to the location and scale with which your assets from the MAM system are located and would need to be visualized. Sample data and maps are included with ArcPad. The data and map should be in unprojected WGS84 coordinates. If you need help creating maps for ArcPad or you need help with data needed for map layers, contact your local Esri office. If you need Esri's Professional Services to develop a custom implementation of the Esri GIS driver for ArcPad 7.0, contact .

The sample Esri GIS driver implements the only interface required by SAP. This interface allows for zoom-to-point functionality. Note that the coordinate used for this functionality comes from the asset data of MAM 3.0.

There is a second interface available from SAP MAM 3.0. This interface is intended for data synchronization of map layers between the mobile GIS map viewer and a centralized repository. This interface is not implemented in the sample Esri GIS driver. Contact us at to inquire about a custom implementation of an Esri GIS driver that supports the data synchronization interface (for example, an implementation that synchronizes data between ArcPad and ArcIMS).

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