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Esri/SAP News

SAP and Esri Committed to Data Analytics


It was recently announced that SAP and Esri are planning to further their technology collaboration to integrate Esri GIS solutions with SAP platforms and enterprise applications to improve business efficiency and decision making. Learn more »

SAP a Platinum Sponsor of 2013 Esri International User Conference

UC 2013 Esri would like to thank SAP for its Platinum sponsorship of the Esri International User Conference. For the week of July 8-12, over 14,000 GIS enthusiasts gathered in San Diego, California, to learn, share, network, and celebrate. Learn more »

Esri Meets SAP EAM Customers

ArcGIS for SAP Earlier this year, Esri exhibited at the SAP-Centric EAM event in Huntington Beach, California, and demonstrated the integration of Esri ArcGIS with SAP EAM. This solution offers improved return on assets, reduced cost and risk, increased productivity, optimized service delivery, and other significant benefits. Learn more »

Czech Utility Boosts Efficiency with ArcGIS and SAP Technology

CEZ CEZ, the largest electricity producer in the Czech Republic, recently implemented Esri ArcGIS for Server and SAP to expedite the process by which landowners obtain an appraisal of buried wires and pipes on their property, as required for construction permits. Learn more »

Solution News

Recent Release: GIS Tools for Hadoop

Hadoop GIS Tools for Hadoop is a new toolkit that will allow developers to answer where questions in their large data stores. Learn more »

New Gartner Report on Cloud GIS

Cloud GIS Reveals the Where in Your Data Cloud GIS Reveals the "Where" in Your Dataincludes research from Gartner, cloud GIS case studies and articles that discuss ways organizations are realizing better business outcomes using cloud GIS.

New Gartner Report on Location Analytics

Esri Location Analytics "Where" Your Business Intelligence Is Missing Information features insight from Gartner that examines how location intelligence is expanding the scope of business intelligence. The report also features thought leadership articles and case studies from Esri that explain how a location analytics strategy can help you deliver business value.

New Research: Reveal More Value in Your Data with Location Analytics

Esrip maps for office This Knowledge Brief summarizes why location analytics solutions are gaining popularity with executives and managers. It includes examples of how lines of business use mapped data for improved processes and decision making. Get it now »

Esri and DigitalGlobe Expand World Imagery Map

Rome-Italy Esri and DigitalGlobe recently updated the ArcGIS World Imagery basemap service with more than 10 million square kilometers of high-resolution aerial views. The World Imagery map is a free map service for ArcGIS users. Learn more »

New Website: ArcGIS for Developers

ArcGIS for Developers Developers seeking to add mapping to their applications now have a dedicated Esri site. The recently released ArcGIS for Developers site includes API’s, SDK’s, sample code, and other resources to help developers create mapping applications. Learn more »

Video: ArcGIS Updates and Developments

Jack Dangermond Esri president Jack Dangermond addressed federal government leaders and workers at the Esri Federal GIS Conference to share his vision of the future of GIS, including demonstrations of many new initiatives. Watch it now »

GIS in Action

Blog Post: Our Gutenberg Moment

Urban Observatory Thomas Fisher, professor and dean of College of Design at the University of Minnesota, recently wrote about the contribution GIS is making to advancing how we get information in the digital age that helps us understand the world and ourselves. Learn more »

Esri in the News

How We Built It

Jack Dangermond In this article, Esri president Jack Dangermond explains how Esri grew from modest beginnings to a global geospatial technology company. Read it now »

New Podcast: Interview with Esri

Podcast Listen to Directions Magazine's radio interview with Esri's Global Alliance marketing manager, Steve Trammell, who discusses advancements in the growing use of maps as a business intelligence reporting tool. Trammell also discusses ways that big data is being leveraged in geospatial solutions.

Esri Announces New Northeastern US Location

Middleton, Massachusetts Esri Office Esri has a new location to serve the Northeastern United States. The new Middleton, Massachusetts, facility features a state-of-the-art Executive Conference Center for training, seminars, and workshops. Visitors will also find an on-site cafeteria and structured parking. Take a look at the interactive map of the area.

Esri Story Maps on List of Eight Great Sites for Data Visualization

US Flooding Social Map In a review of publicly available sites to find, analyze, and visualize data, Computerworld included Esri's story maps. Learn more »