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Technical Advisor

An Esri Technical Advisor who has expertise in ArcGIS Platform capabilities and/or vertical industry GIS best practices will be assigned to you.

The Esri Technical Advisor will become familiar with your business goals, current GIS solutions and services offerings, ArcGIS Platform implementation, and overall geospatial initiatives.

The Technical Advisor in coordination with the Partner Manager will:

  • Advise you on GIS strategies, architectures, product selection, and release planning
  • Prepare for and facilitate annual account planning or review meeting and technology orientation
  • Develop a collaborative technical work plan outlining your vision, goals, objectives, and recommended activities to execute the plan
  • Maintain proactive communication and coordination throughout the engagement

You may elect to obtain additional Technical Advisor hours for a supplemental price. Technical Advisors are not substitutes for Esri Support Services or Professional Services. You will continue to contact Esri Support Services as the first point of contact for all technical support inquiries. If a custom application or other services are required, you will need to enter into an agreement for use of Esri Professional Services. If you request the Technical Advisor to come to your site, you will pay reasonable travel costs.

Annual Account Planning Session

The one-day annual technical account planning meeting, typically conducted in Redlands, is coordinated and facilitated by the assigned Technical Advisor, with participation from other Esri account team members, technical and industry staff. The objective of the meeting is to discuss your overall GIS vision, objectives, and requirements. A targeted outcome is a defined or revised technical work plan with input from key organizational stakeholders.

There is an option to conduct the planning/review session at Esri regional offices, or at your offices. However, Esri technical and industry staff may only be available via conference call and/or webcast in the latter location. This meeting may be completed at a mutually agreed upon time during the term of the program. The partner will be responsible for their own travel expenses.

Technology Exchange

Often held in conjunction with the Annual Account Planning Session, the Esri Technology Exchange includes technical knowledge transfer discussions coordinated with Esri product managers and subject matter experts. The objective is to help you to better understand Esri’s ArcGIS Platform and to discuss information and technology impacting your solutions and services.

Technical Work Plan

The Technical Work Plan is a working document collaboratively developed with input from the partner and the Technical Advisor. Acting as a road map to drive collaboration and technical enablement, the primary objective of the document is to outline your GIS vision, goals, objectives, and the recommended activities.

Learning and Services Credits

Learning and Services Credits are intended to provide a means for your organization to execute activities defined in a technical work plan. These activities may include focused consulting services support, training, and/or Premium Support services to address specific objectives. An associated Learning and Services Credit value is assigned to each activity, per the table below:

Consulting services examples include system architecture design recommendations, ArcGIS installation and configuration, basic prototyping, and general technical consulting activities.* 1 credit = 2 hours
Annual Premium Support Services Subscription – Unlimited Incidents 75 credits
Annual Premium Support Services Subscription – Up to 10 Incidents 30 credits **
• Additional Authorized Caller*** 20 credits = 1 caller
Instructor-Led Training (one [1] student at an Esri Facility) or Virtual Classroom 1 credit = 1.5 day
Partner Site or Private Esri Site Training Event (for up to twelve [12] people) 9 credits = 1 day
• Additional Student 0.75 credits = 1 day
Coaching Services (for up to fifteen [15] people) 9 credits = 1 day
Virtual Campus Annual User License 1 credit = 480 Virtual Campus dollars
Esri will provide one (1) registration to the annual Esri Developer Summit and one (1) registration to the annual Esri Partner Conference.
Additional Esri Partner Conference Registration 1 credit = 1 registration
Additional Developer Summit Registration 1 credit = 1 registration
Esri Technical Certification Exam Voucher 0.5 credit = 1 voucher
Related Esri travel and per diem expenses as quoted

*Any project-related activities requiring a deliverable other than consulting time will be scoped, budgeted, and scheduled through a separate agreement. **Incidents do not roll over and will expire one year from their purchase date ***Requires that the partner purchases the Annual Premium Support Services Subscription

You may use Learning and Services Credits toward any combination of consulting services support, training, premium support, or related travel expenses as described below, per technical work plan recommendations. For an added price, additional Learning and Services Credits may be purchased in blocks of 50 or 100 credits.

If you request additional Learning and Services Credits over and above the initial fifty (50) credits provided in the base program configuration, you are limited to the purchase of 100 additional credits without the purchase of an additional block of Technical Advisor hours.

Unused Learning and Services Credits may be carried over to future years as long as you remain an Esri Business Partner Advantage Program subscriber. If your BPAP agreement expires (exclusive of termination for default), any unused credits will expire six (6) months after the expiration of the agreement; however, the Technical Advisor Services will not be available during this post-Term period.

Esri will provide the partner’s BPAP contact with a monthly report outlining usage of Business Partner Advantage Program Learning and Services Credits.

Current on Maintenance. You must remain current on standard maintenance during the term of this BPAP Agreement. Standard maintenance is described at, which may be changed from time to time.

Authorization of Learning and Services Credit Use. The partner will contact its Partner Manager or Technical Advisor to consume Learning and Services Credits for a particular request. Esri will submit to the partner a Learning and Services Credit estimate by e-mail for confirmation and authorization for use of the credits.

Travel and Per Diem. Any Esri travel and per diem will be quoted separately. You may direct Esri to use credits for travel and per diem as stated in the Esri Business Partner Advantage Program Description above, or you will issue a purchase order and Esri will invoice you for the travel and per diem expenses.

Notification of Consumed Credits. Esri will notify the partner in the event the authorized Learning and Services Credits are consumed prior to completion of the requested work. You may elect to direct use of additional credits, if available; procure additional Learning and Services Credits; or notify Esri to stop work on such requested work. Esri reserves the right to discontinue work when the authorized credits are consumed.

Review of Proposed Activities. Any activities proposed to be completed under the Esri Business Partner Advantage Program will be subject to review and approval by Esri to ensure alignment with the intent of the program.

Quarterly Technology Webcasts

You will learn about Esri’s ArcGIS Platform and how it can provide an immediate impact on your business through exclusive quarterly technology webcasts. Esri technical specialists and product managers will deliver relevant technology topics related to the Esri platform and enterprise GIS. Esri will provide an e-mail invitation to your point of contact including logistical information for the webcast.

What a Subscription Does Not Cover

The Esri Business Partner Advantage Program is not designed to provide project-specific consulting services. The program provides general technical advisory and consulting services support, but any project-related activities that require Esri Professional Services support will be scoped, budgeted, and scheduled separately.