Arrow Series

Eos Positioning Systems (Eos) offers high-accuracy GNSS (GPS) receivers for every mobile device—including iOS, Android, and Windows. Eos was the first company to offer an RTK/Atlas (TM) receiver for iPad and iPhone, as well as real-time positioning for more efficient workflows. The Arrow series of GNSS receivers supports multi-frequency, multi-constellation, and Bluetooth connectivity to work with any mobile device in any location—even dense tree cover and offline. They are also rugged, waterproof, and optimized for long battery life.

The Arrow series is perfect for Esri customers hoping to use Esri's suite of field GIS apps for real-time, submeter field data collection. Arrow receivers have been used for environmental, agricultural, utility, marine, industrial, archaeological, governmental, and other applications. This includes asset management, inspections, vegetation monitoring, surveying, and more. By combining the Eos mobile app—Eos Tools Pro (available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Mobile)—with universal Bluetooth compatibility and Esri field apps, the Arrow Series offers easy connectivity, flexibility, unmatched accuracy, and high-value in one compact and affordable package. Choose from among the Arrow Lite, Arrow 100, Arrow 200, and Arrow Gold.