Spike is a smart laser measurement solution for all types of industries and professional use. Spike brings new functionality to your smartphone or tablet by turning it into a powerful multi-tool measurement solution. Spike enables you to measure and GPS locate an object from a distance simply by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet. From that photo, you can capture real-time measurements including: Area measurement of a feature; Linear measurement of a feature; Distance to target or feature; Elevations; Distances between two points; and GPS location of a feature with a distance offset.

The Spike laser device works with both Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets and is available with two different mounting options.


Survey123 and Spike work seamlessly together. The Spike device is first attached to a smartphone or tablet. Using Bluetooth, the Spike device connects to the Spike mobile app. A Survey123 survey configured with a Spike question type will open the Spike app so measurements can be taken on top of photographed objects. Measurements from the Spike app are then sent into the Survey123 app and stored within the survey so they can be uploaded into ArcGIS. This greatly accelerates field data collection for a new level of organizational efficiency.