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Buford, Georgia, Selects Keck amp; Wood-Led Team to Implement Integrated Web-Based GIS and Work Order Management System

Cities and counties are finding themselves facing difficult times. They must comply with an ever- increasing number of state and federal regulations while working with shrinking budgets. More and more cities and counties of every size are turning to technology such as geographic information systems (GIS), mobile computing, field automation, and use of wosrk order tracking software. This trend is based on the need to do more with less by using technology to improve efficiency and on the need to maintain regulatory compliance. The City of Buford is no exception. To meet these growing demands, it turned to Keck & Wood, Inc., and Esri to implement an automated, Web-based work order tracking and field automation system that will be linked to the city's GIS database.

HiperGIS-Buford Storm Utility Viewer

Keck & Wood quickly identified the HiperWeb suite of Web-based software developed by PSD Software as a strong solution for the goals Buford wished to accomplish. HiperWeb is tailored to municipal and utility operations, with several modules including water, sewer, storm water, electric, and gas. It has been widely used by Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG Power) and Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG) members to log inspections, track inventory, and generate reports, but to date, it has not been linked to a GIS.

Through an introduction by Keck & Wood, PSD Software formed a partnership with BinaryBus. BinaryBus is an Esri business partner specializing in hosting GIS Web sites powered by Esri's ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server. The result of the partnership is HiperGIS, a GIS-based solution that combines the superior functionality of HiperWeb with a GIS interface powered by ArcGIS Server. Better yet, the solution is affordable, with pricing tiers based on population size and number of modules needed so more functions can be added as the system's needs increase.

Buford's city commission approved this project during its July meeting. Keck & Wood will coordinate the rollout of this solution between the city, PSD Software, and BinaryBus. With the implementation of HiperGIS, the city will have wireless, real-time data in the field; the ability to generate mapping updates in-house; a public citizen-access Web portal; preventive and corrective maintenance scheduling; data integration between third-party customer service and billing software; and preprogrammed report options for compliance with regulations such as GASB-34 and capacity management, operations, and maintenance (CMOM). Keck & Wood will also continue to maintain the city's GIS databases and provide ongoing technical support for the city.

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About Keck & Wood, Inc.
Founded in 1954, Keck & Wood, Inc., is a multidiscipline consulting firm engaged in providing a diverse range of professional services in the areas of civil, environmental, and natural gas engineering; surveying; community planning; mapping; GIS; and related technical fields. Keck & Wood currently employs a staff of more than 60 loyal employees and maintains offices in Duluth, Georgia; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Rock Hill, South Carolina. As an Esri business partner, Keck & Wood is an authorized consultant, value-added reseller, and developer.

About BinaryBus, Ltd.
In 1998, BinaryBus positioned itself as a leader in the development and hosting of a variety of GIS Web solutions. BinaryBus constructed the first Web-based GIS application in Georgia for the Savannah Area Geographic Information Service, whose Web site BinaryBus continues to manage and host. Since that time, BinaryBus has provided similar services to other county/city government agencies and businesses in Georgia and elsewhere throughout the United States. BinaryBus is a business partner with Esri and with Quality Technology Services (an enterprise class data center where BinaryBus houses its servers) in Suwanee, Georgia. These relationships signify that BinaryBus delivers high-quality GIS hosting solutions.

About PSD Software, LLC
Since 1993, PSD Software has been committed to providing low-cost, high-value performance optimization tools to municipalities, public utilities, and regional co-ops. It is proud to be one of the first companies to offer government online services. In 2000, its first online service was the central purchasing and material management system. Today, it offers a suite of financial and operations services including dashboard (CITYSTAT, key performance indicators using a balance scorecard approach), customer service, utility billing, work management, materials management, asset management (including interface to GIS), strategic planning, performance measures, organizational assessment, and environmental scan.

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