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BioMedware Joins Esri Partner Network

Partnership Provides an Easy Way for Esri Users to Add SpaceStat's Advanced Space-Time Analysis Into Their Workflows

Ann Arbor, MI - Sept. 6, 2011 - BioMedware, a leader in geohealth software development and research solutions, today announced its membership in the Esri Partner Network.

BioMedware's President, Dr. Geoffrey Jacquez, also revealed that BioMedware's flagship product, SpaceStat (formerly known as STIS), now links to Esri technology using the geodatabase file format. "Formalizing our partnership with Esri is an important step towards addressing unmet needs in data access and geohealth analysis techniques." said Jacquez. "By including geodatabase support in SpaceStat v3.0, Esri customers will easily be able to integrate SpaceStat's advanced space-time analysis methods and visualization techniques into their workflows." Jacquez added, "We're looking forward to growing this new relationship and leveraging our Esri partner status in ways that will benefit both our customers and Esri's clients, and improve data analysis."

Dr. Jacquez, an expert in geohealth research and spatial-time analysis software development, is presenting a talk tomorrow entitled "Does geocoding positional error matter in health GIS studies?" at the Esri Health GIS Conference being held in Washington, D.C.

BioMedware counts over 600 academic and government organizations among their global customer base.

Esri customers can visit and sign up for a free 14-day evaluation release of SpaceStat v3.0, with geodatabase file format support.

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BioMedware was founded in 1995 to develop statistical analysis methods and to make the methods more available to non-statisticians in user-friendly software. To date, BioMedware has received nearly ten million dollars in grants to develop new methods and software for the spatial analysis and modeling of disease. This research has resulted in three commercial software products: SpaceStat, ClusterSeer and BoundarySeer. For more information, visit or email

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