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Swedish Water Utility Improves Processes with Cityworks Server AMS

Cityworks Seamlessly Integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS Provides Swedish Organization Immediate Benefits

Sandy, UT - Cityworks™, the leading provider of GIS-centric management solutions and Esri® Platinum Tier Partner, announce Swedish Water Utility MittSverige Vatten (MSV) has implemented Cityworks Server AMS to assist in asset management needs.  Already experiencing results with their new solution, MSV looks forward to additional benefits from expanding the system throughout the organization in the future.

In search of a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that encompassed strong GIS capabilities, easily accessible data, and tools for enhanced customer service, MSV discovered Cityworks.  The Swedish Water Utility was initially drawn to the program because of its seamless integration with Esri’s ArcGIS® which provides many benefits for asset management including creating reports and analyses utilizing the GIS.  

In accordance with Swedish law, MSV formed a procurement team to evaluate multiple systems, making their determination based on capability, cost, and other factors.   Following their in-depth preview process, MSV selected Cityworks as the application that best fit the organization’s needs.

“Now, with MSV’s Cityworks implementation, it’s possible for staff members who first receive a work report to create one work order that is viewable for everyone in the system, eliminating the issue of duplicates,” said Asa Snith, Head of Network Department at MSV. “When further information on the issue is received, the work order can be updated so everyone has the right information at their fingertips. Through its efficient workflow and GIS capabilities, Cityworks now enables us to make better decisions about asset management and workflow including how and where to spend time and money.”

Cityworks is used within MSV’s Customer Service and Network Departments. The Network Operation Unit cares for disturbances and reports problems to Customer Service. Using Cityworks, Customer Service is now able to extract more data from the system, which produces valuable information to analyze and helps improve processes.

“Cityworks is very simple to use and everyone at MSV that utilizes the system likes it,” Snith said. “We recently upgraded our server and will upgrade to the latest version of Cityworks Server at the end of the summer, which will improve our processes even more. With Cityworks, we are able to easily extract all the information that we put in.”

In the future MSV looks forward to incorporating a reporting tool Esri is developing specifically for them which will soon be completed. The tool will integrate with Cityworks and provide reports on useful statistics such as leaks, stops, water quality problems, network length, and so on; data that must be reported to MSV’s board and to Svenskt Vatten (a Swedish industry organization) three times a year.  Having a tool to make these statistics easier to produce and analyze will be a great benefit to the organization. MSV also wants to report all planned operations, such as replacements and interruptions of service (including specific locations and durations), on the water and wastewater networks to Customer Service and customers alike. Utilizing this tool within Cityworks will facilitate with these processes.

Snith concluded, “As we have only begun using the Cityworks system, we are taking our use of the software one step at a time and look forward to further benefits we will experience in the future as we expand the system.”

About MSV
Providing potable water to around 110,000 people, MSV produces water for the Swedish municipalities of Sundsvall, Timra, and Nordanstig, which have some of the best tasting water in all of Europe. MSV’s vast knowledge of water and water purification, combined with ideal climate and nature, are contributing factors to the quality of their water. With 46 purification plants and 22 water sources, MSV produces 15.1 million cubic meters of water and purifies 21 million cubic meters of wastewater annually.

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