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cloudEditor and cloudPrinter by 39°north

Bloomington, Indiana—39°north is pleased to anounce that cloudEditor and cloudPrinter are now available on Esri’s Marketplace website, where you can find apps and data services developed by qualified Esri providers. All the apps in the Marketplace are built to work with ArcGIS Online and are easy to share with users in your organization.

39°north’s cloudEditor allows users to edit ArcGIS Online data with our tools for points, lines, and polygons. The Coordinate Geometry (COGO) tools within cloudEditor allow you to use plats or legal descriptions to create any type of data for features like pipelines, parcels, roads, and right-of-ways.

39°north’s cloudPrinter enables rapid previews and printing of large- and small-format customized maps, from 8.5" x 11" to 36" x 48". Key features of cloudPrinter include live print previews, advanced legend options, and 12 predefined templates.

To learn more about cloudEditor and cloudPrinter, please visit or