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William Frick & Company Announces Partnership with Esri

William Frick & Company, producer of SmartCAT RFID Asset Tracking System, joins Esri Partner Network as an RFID data collection provider for GIS solutions and services based on the Esri GIS Platform


William Frick & Company, a leading supplier of specialty identification products, including Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) asset management system and RFID tags, announced an agreement with Esri to join its Silver Tier Partner Network.

Esri, a global leader of geographical information systems (GIS) technology, partners with various companies to provide data management and mapping software to government, utilities and manufacturers. GIS aids in visual tracking and management of assets in order to help companies monitor and schedule maintenance operations, publish work orders, analyze trends, and access databases from other divisions.

“I am pleased to see William Frick & Company become an Esri Partner as more and more Public Works customers are asking about asset tagging in the field,” says David Totman, Director of Public Works at Esri. “From the RFID perspective, it’s typically been about ‘how many assets?’ and with Esri technology, William Frick & Company can now answer ‘where are they?’”

SmartCAT, Frick’s RFID-based asset tracking system, integrates seamlessly with asset management systems such as Esri’s. SmartCAT’s complete system of SmartMark™ durable RFID tags, handheld UHF RFID reader, and a GIS-compatible software app that exports XML data allows field personnel to capture accurate asset information efficiently. Companies would use SmartCAT RFID to expand their GIS data collection, enhance asset visibility on the GIS map and increase accountability.

“I am very excited to be welcomed into Esri’s Partner Network,” says Jeff Brandt, President of William Frick & Company. “Our SmartCAT RFID Asset Management System is the perfect complement to Esri’s GIS platform.

“SmartCAT gives asset managers a quick and accurate method to collect and upload item-level data to Esri’s platform,” continues Brandt. “Asset data that is either impossible or impractical to collect and track solely by geographic coordinates is now more visible in the geolocation system. We offer many
RFID tags and labels well suited for Esri’s clients and look forward to helping them keep track of their ‘things.’”

Each SmartMark RFID tag features a unique identifier. Affixing a tag to each asset enables identification information to be associated with the asset, not its location. Users scan the RFID-tagged asset with the rugged handheld reader to capture data automatically. Additional information such as asset type, assigned inspector, and installation date can also be associated with each tag via the user-configurable SmartCAT app.

The SmartCAT solution offers convenience in a variety of applications. Multiple assets can be scanned at once. If an asset is moved to another location, the RFID tag stays with it, thus increasing accuracy in asset identification. In inventory yards and warehouses, hundreds of equipment can be scanned within a matter of minutes.
The economical SmartCAT asset tracking system is portable, offers great read range, and doesn’t require specialized software or service contracts. Its automated data collection using RFID, barcode and GPS technologies saves time and money by making the data collection process quicker, more detailed and more accurate.

Key SmartCAT Features:

  • Turnkey asset tracking system for fast and accurate data collection
  • Long read range of up to 30 feet or more
  • Multi-tag RFID read capability with rugged handheld reader
  • User-friendly, customer configurable interface
  • Use of mandatory fields and drop-down options to ensure consistent and complete data
  • Universal, non-proprietary data export format (XML)
  • Multiple user access with no licensing fees
  • 3-year warranty protection. Leasing options available

To learn more about SmartCAT RFID asset tracking system, visit our website, participate in our online webinar or join our Lunch & Learn at our Libertyville, IL facility for a live tour. Details at

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William Frick & Company is a customer-driven ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer of specialty identification products such as RFID tags, barcode labels, signs and utility markers. Since 1975, Frick has been a trusted supplier to OEMs, the logistics and telecommunications industries, oil and gas companies, electric utilities, and governments. For more information, please contact us at 847-918-3700, or visit

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