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The Town of Kearny, NJ Selects Civil Solutions for ArcGIS Online Template Application Customization and Implementation

In an effort to meet their goals of modernizing the presentation of maps and geospatial data to internal users and the public, the Town of Kearny selected Civil Solutions to develop a plan to implement Esri's ArcGIS Online.

Civil Solutions has worked with the Town of Kearny since the beginning of their GIS in 2002. Implementing Esri's ArcGIS Online for the Town, Civil Solutions targeted workflows with ArcGIS Online and transitioned the Town's universal GIS web viewer with a series of ArcGIS Online targeted and focused web maps and applications.

"We are thrilled with the Town's successful implementation as we take their GIS to the next level with ArcGIS Online," says Civil Solutions President Richard Rehmann. "The benefits for the Town's internal staff, as well as for the public who utilize these maps, have been praised for increasing transparency and efficiency."

Civil Solutions assisted the Town to acquire an ArcGIS Online subscription, set-up their organization, establish user accounts, identify useful groups to organize information, and implement web maps and applications. The Town uses a combination of desktop GIS and ArcGIS Online to support its snow plowing operations and inform the public of road statuses and Esri's Land Use Public Notification Template Application to support traditional 200' certified listings.

Through this ArcGIS Online solution package, Civil Solutions provided the Town with data development, application development and technical support. Most notably, Civil Solutions implemented Esri's Local Government Information Model overall and modified it to support enhancements to Esri's Land Use Public Notification Template Application which includes block and lot searches.

About Civil Solutions

Civil Solutions is the geospatial technologies division of Adams, Rehmann and Heggan Associates, Inc. (ARH). Civil Solutions has established itself as a leader in the geospatial industry through dedicated and focused efforts to secure qualified personnel, gain a variety of project experiences, and reinvest in our resources. We take great pride in the position that we hold today and understand that it can be gone tomorrow if we do not continue to provide quality services at reasonable pricing, executed with professionalism and personal care.

Civil Solutions has been an Esri business partner since 1991, and has recently earned the designation of an Esri ArcGIS Online Specialty Business Partner. This Esri technology specialty initiative is designed to help organizations quickly identify local partners in their community who can help them with everything from getting started with ArcGIS Online to developing and producing custom applications that take full advantage of web GIS.

In the last 5 years, Civil Solutions has assisted local, county, and state governments with over 325 geospatial projects spanning a wide range of services. For more information about Civil Solutions services call 1-800-924-0482 or visit