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New student enrichment tool brings Story Maps to thousands of K-12 classrooms

Santa Barbara, CA—July 1, 2014— will be presenting Field Trip Library at the 2014 Esri International User Conference in July 2014, where visitors can take a look at a brand new product based on the Esri ‘Story Map’ platform which takes K-12 students on virtual field trips.

Field Trip Library builds on popular, curriculum-based content from the company’s Geography News Network to create interactive, location-based tours that bring events to life with rich media. Each Field Trip is built using Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform and built on one of many Esri Story Map templates.

At launch, ten field trips will be available to teachers covering a diverse range of topics from Lewis & Clark to Columbus and the World Wars. Each Field Trip story has been broken down into a ‘journey’ which helps students to understand complex events geographically and chronologically. For each stage of the journey, illustrations, text and supporting materials are provided, including static and interactive maps, lesson plans, activities, and skill builders.

Most of the support materials are correlated with strands of the Common Core and TEKS (Texas) standards, meaning that teachers benefit both from pre-assembled curriculum-based packages, and the engaging delivery platform.

The product has been under development and beta testing since summer 2013 and has received a positive reception from teachers who have tried out the tool in their classrooms.

Initially Field Trip Library will be available as a paid enhancement to the company’s Maps101 product, which currently reaches over 1.7 million students across North American and International Schools. This will enable continued development of the platform with an already engaged school audience and maintain the possibility of a future single-user subscription model.

The content for the Field Trips has been created by authors including Professor Seth Dixon, who also writes the successful Geography Education blog, Becky Sicking, a 14 year veteran of Educational Publishing with major players such as McGraw Hill, and Stanford Professors Martin Lewis and Asya Pereltsvaig.

The first collection of Field Trips is designed to cover a wide range of subjects including topical content such as the First World War, in its Centennial Year, regionally specific content and seasonal teaching materials. designers have created a user interface that includes a modern, easy-to-navigate look and feel that is familiar and appeals to students and teachers alike. The site is also designed to offer tutorial opportunities for teachers to ensure they are getting the best value from Field Trips and to solicit their opinions on future content and feedback on how the interface is working in the classroom.

The Field Trip Library was also specifically designed to take advantage of tablet compatibility – a significant advantage of the Story Map platform is the way that it adapts to mobile displays and offers a customized experience for tablet and smartphone users. This is ideal as many schools and districts adopt policies such as Bring Your Own Device. Browser delivery also makes the product convenient for schools and teachers who actively avoid installations and the need for technical support.

Field Trip Library has launched with the first ten field trips and development of the collection will continue through the summer with the intention of new content and feature releases for the new school year beginning in September.


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