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GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting Releases Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online

Nashville, TN, January 13, 2015—GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting is excited to announce the development and release of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, an application developed to streamline administrative tasks and workflows in ArcGIS Online.

Many ArcGIS Online Organization members have hundreds or even thousands of items in their ArcGIS Online accounts. Due to the sheer quantity of data it can take extra time to perform necessary administrative tasks as needs arise. Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online provides a powerful query tool for your data that allows you find the records you need and make edits to as many items or groups you require in only a couple of simple steps.

Here is a small list of some of the functions Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online provides:

  • Add, change, update or delete multiple tags
  • Transfer ownership of multiple items or groups from one user to another
  • Control privacy on multiple items or groups
  • Select a group of items that represent layers in a map and bulk update their source layer
  • Update delete protection on multiple items
  • Much more!

Sr. Vice President Neill Jobe explains: "Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online was developed to automate GEO-Jobe's administrative workflows and ease the management of the company's rapidly growing list of ArcGIS Online clients. We know it will benefit everyone the same way it has been awesome for us. We are confident that those administering ArcGIS Online will find this tool to be an absolute necessity."

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About GEO-Jobe
Since 1999, GEO-Jobe® GIS Consulting (GEO-Jobe) has been helping clients throughout the United States benefit from the power of GIS technology. Our experienced team of GIS experts and business partners has positioned GEO-Jobe as an ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Server knowledge expert in application development and services implementations. GEO-Jobe is committed to doing whatever it takes to help clients looking to use ArcGIS Online, Server, and Portal technology move into a position where GIS is used to make daily decisions.