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GEM2MISB Converts XML-to-KLV, Expands Utility of Video Taken with Off-the-shelf Cameras

Fort Collins, Colorado—JULY 15, 2015—Video taken with lightweight action cameras such as GoPro, Android tablets or smart phones can now be converted to a format that is viewable in Esri's ArcGIS® for Desktop software.

In collaboration with PAR Government Systems, Red Hen Systems has developed an innovative integration that marries technologies from Red Hen Systems, PAR Government and Esri. The GEM2MISB tool leverages Esri's® ArcGIS Full Motion Video Add-In to convert video format from Geospatially Encoded Media (GEM) to MISB-compliant KLV, the data encoding and streaming standard adopted by the DoD Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB).

The GEM2MISB software solution has broad application. Red Hen Systems' GeoVideo customers can now convert Red Hen GEM videos for viewing on ArcGIS for Desktop. "We wanted to continue to give our customers the capability to view GEM collected with Red Hen Systems equipment on ArcGIS for Desktop on 10.x versions," said CEO Neil Havermale. "In the process we collaborated with PAR Government Systems to evolve a video metadata standard and convert Red Hen's XML to KLV, greatly expanding the utility of spatial media, also known as full motion video."

PAR Government customers are now able to collect video with smart phones or off-the-shelf video cameras and GPS devices, then use Red Hen software to geotag their videos with KLV metadata. Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community can now use videos collected with handheld devices to enhance situational awareness; and, can add KLV metadata to crowd sourced video for fusion with other intelligence data to derive actionable intelligence.

"Red Hen Systems and PAR Government partnered to develop a GEM XML-to-KLV metadata conversion tool that provides the ability to inject MISB compliant metadata into video from any camera," said PAR Government Business Development Director Wes Cordova. "This makes Red Hen System solutions compatible with a wide range of cameras and allows the collected video to be played on Esri's ArcGIS Full Motion Video Add-in or on any other MISB compliant video player."

To discuss a specific application of GEM2MISB please call 970-493-3952 or contact To view a demo of GEM2MISB, please visit

About Red Hen Systems

Red Hen Systems is rapidly bridging dynamic markets from conservation to energy, from military to transportation, and from utilities to satellite imagery. We go beyond basic data collection and GIS image applications by providing customized mapping software and hardware for digital video and audio; servicing, education and training a variety of clients in relevant GIS markets.

About PAR Government Systems

PAR Government is a provider of innovative solutions in the field of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). PAR helps develop standards at the DOD Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) and provides Full Motion Video (FMV) subject-matter expertise and solutions.


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