Esri Partner Network

Software Ordering – International

Partners may license a variety of Esri software to be used for marketing, demonstration, development, and commercial use. All licenses are for the partner's internal use only and are subject to the Esri License Agreement.

Prices are set by the Esri distributor in the country where the primary location for your partner relationship is located.

Fees covering shipping, handling, and import duties (if applicable) may also apply.

Please contact your local Esri distributor for pricing and ordering information.

Types of Licenses Available to Partners

Demonstration and Marketing Licenses

Silver Tier partners have access to a single complimentary copy of ArcGIS for Desktop Basic®, including extensions, and ArcPad® licenses that may be installed on up to five machines to be used for the following purposes only:

Annual maintenance is included for up to five callers.

Nominal fees covering shipping, handling, and import duties may apply. Some restrictions may apply.

Development Licenses

Partners have access to discounted licenses for development in addition to the use purposes of demonstration and marketing licenses. Development licenses may be used for researching and testing potential applications

Developing and supporting repeatable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications

Developing custom applications

Development licenses may be used on a short-term basis in another country solely for developing COTS or custom applications on a project basis, but must return to their country of origin.

Development licenses cannot be used for production, data conversion, processing, or GIS analysis work.

Annual maintenance fees are required for continued use of the licenses after the first year, subject to the partner's renewal in the program. License fees and annual maintenance fees vary internationally.

Some restrictions may apply.

Commercial Licenses

Partners have access to licenses that may be used for commercial purposes, production activities or fee‐based project work such as the following:

License fees and annual maintenance fees vary internationally and are set by the local Esri distributor.

Commercial licenses that are current on maintenance may qualify for Esri International User Conference (Esri UC) seats based on the standard Esri UC pass eligibility guidelines.

Registration files and keycodes

For the above-mentioned licenses that include registration files or keycodes with a time‐out date, the timeout date will coincide with the Esri Partner Network Agreement annual renewal date.

Registration files and keycodes will be extended for a period of 12 months, upon continued participation in the Esri Partner Network and payment of annual renewal and applicable software maintenance fees.


For more information on ordering software, please contact your local Esri distributor.

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