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Esri VAR Price Guide (US Only)

Welcome to the Esri Partner Network VAR Price Guide, your resource for detailed information on pricing, policies, procedures and information for reselling Esri products. This Guide should be used as a reference when you place VAR resale orders through the Online Order System (OOS).

All Esri VAR sales authorizations include a standard set of Esri products. For more details see the VAR Authorized Software List.—November 2012


VARs have a defined sales territory including the continental United States; Hawaii; Alaska; and US territories, excluding Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.



All prices are subject to change without notice.

Additional Authorized Products (only if specified in your VAR Addendum)

Esri Software Maintenance Program

You'll always have the latest Esri technology, along with world-class technical support, when you subscribe to Esri's Software Maintenance. The primary benefit: you will be automatically shipped, or can download, the newest versions of Esri software upon release—at no charge

Confidential Notice

The VAR Price Guide is confidential and may not be transmitted or disclosed to anyone outside of your organization. Transmission or disclosure of this document is a violation of the nondisclosure clause in the Esri Partner Network Agreement. Please contact if you have any questions.
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