Give Your Users a Simple Way to Find Answers

Now anyone can use authoritative, up-to-date geographic information as part of their routine work.

  • Desktop GIS users - Find up-to-date basemaps and data to add context to your projects. Then share your maps and apps as services, reducing requests for time-consuming, one-off mapping projects.
  • Business analysts - Use simple, intuitive apps to get the up-to-date information you need to make decisions. Bring business data to life by adding maps to tools you use every day.
  • Developers - Quickly create custom apps that have a mapping component by using hosted mapping services.

See how Web GIS is used in ArcGIS

The Power of Web Services

Spatial data traditionally had to be processed to answer a predetermined set of questions. Now with web GIS, any data can be transformed into web maps or services. Data no longer needs to be processed for each question.

Apps Make it Simple

Apps make it easy for anyone to make maps, do analytics, and access shared maps and data. A variety of ready -to-use applications and templates are included with ArcGIS, letting you configure simple, focused user experiences so that people can get their jobs done quickly and intuitively. Find out more about apps in ArcGIS

Maps Add Value to Your BI System

Map the data that’s in your business information systems so you can better visualize patterns and trends. Combine your maps with up-to-date demographics, consumer spending, lifestyle, and business data. See how you can embed mapping in your SharePoint site.

Develop with Web GIS

Add geo to your apps using Esri’s cloud services. Develop with the API of your choice and deploy on any device. Web GIS provides developers with geocoding and place search, directions and routing, mapping and visualization, query, and demographics for geographic analysis. Start Developing

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