Deploy in the Cloud
or On the Ground

Cloud - ArcGIS Online helps you store and deliver geographic content as services, as well as manage access and security. It also provides ready-to-use content on-demand.

On premises - When you don’t have connectivity, or regulations prevent you from using cloud services, use an on-premises deployment. Everything runs on the organization’s internal IT infrastructure using ArcGIS for Server with the Portal for ArcGIS extension.

Cloud and On-premises hybrid - Use the advanced capabilities of ArcGIS for Server while taking full advantage of the cloud GIS platform provided by ArcGIS Online.

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Extending the Desktop

Using ArcGIS for Desktop, GIS professionals create data, analytical models, and tools and then use web GIS to turn them into services. People who access these services can use web GIS to mash up these services with other data. The result is a custom map that helps users gain new insights into data.

Web GIS provides Desktop users with a wealth of maps, data, and services to supplement their own content and speed up projects. By adding available demographic and lifestyle data, Desktop users can add more context to their maps.

Apps Are Your View into Web GIS

Apps provide a front end for people to interact with geographic information, whether they’re using a desktop, web, or device application. Esri and its partners offer a number of apps that incorporate web GIS content and capabilities.
Esri apps include:

Partner apps meet specific industry needs and work with an ArcGIS login.

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Data is the Fuel

Map, analyze, and share any type of data, such as tabular data, imagery, social media, data from sensor networks, business data, and 3D. Traditionally, GIS professionals have put everything in a common database. Web GIS allows end users to integrate data dynamically from distributed sources using web services and web maps. It’s a more flexible approach.

Get Organized

Web GIS can help you organize content and manage access to it. You can do this using ArcGIS for Server with Portal extension or ArcGIS Online. Web GIS provides content management capabilities for all your maps, apps, and models and also simplifies sharing these within a group or across departments and organizations.


Esri’s security strategy is based on an industry-standard, defense-in-depth approach that provides security controls at every level, for every user, including the application, network, and facilities levels.

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