Getting Started with AR

AR app development is surprisingly straight-forward. AR service providers, such as juniao or Layar, provide both an AR browser and the development resources needed to simplify deployment for iPhone and Android.

Augmented Reality
I built an AR/GIS app using ArcGIS API for Silverlight and the open source Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit. A map layer stack appears to dynamically hover above the photo on the paper even if the photo is moved around. - Richie Carmichael of the Esri Prototype Lab.

"There are different ways to apply AR to your app," said Thomas Emge of the Esri Applications Prototype Lab. "In one case, you are overlaying additional information in your camera's viewfinder. Here the device's location and orientation play an important role. In a different case, the information seen by the camera is sent to a server and processed, then sent back to you. Here, pattern recognition technology is being employed, and the response can be as simple as playing a video or as complex as showing the results of spatial analysis."

For a developer, this means accessing the REST endpoints of ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server services as the link to dynamic GIS content and tools or preprocessed geographic information such as 3D terrains, videos, or map layer stacks. A developer can use an AR toolkit and one of the ArcGIS APIs for Silverlight, Flex, or JavaScript to start building their own GIS|AR apps.

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