Map Production

Tools for managing multiple product databases, and workflows for replication and updates are available through the Esri Production Mapping extension. In particular, Workflow Manager for ArcGIS allows you to manage versions, define areas of interest, assign work tasks, and automate much of the replication, and check out processes.  Product Library provides tools for organizing and managing the many product databases and workspaces required for setting up an enterprise cartographic workflow.  

In these approaches the master geodatabase remains product neutral, allowing updates to be made to one master database, while providing cartographers the flexibility and access they need to allow them to make maps. 

High-volume map production includes:

  • Document management system for tracking maps in production, source materials and finished map products
  • Workflow management tools for project organization, feature level metadata, and work assignments
  • Dynamic surround elements for Topographic, Nautical and Aeronautical maps and charts
  • Specification driven symbology and text
  • Dynamic Graphic Table element for dynamic content in the map layout including dynamic legends.
  • Gazetteer index creation 

Desktop Publishing

In conjunction with the improvements to the ArcGIS geodatabase and mapping environments, you will see the following benefits for desktop publishing.

  • Maps, Data, and geoprocessing analysis, can all be packaged and distributed as a single file.
  • Maps and Data can be directly published to ArcGIS Online, or your own cloud service.
  • A new Production PDF Exporter will be released as part of the ESRI Production Mapping tools to enable the direct creation of press ready PDF files complete with Spot colors, overprinting, tinting, and screen angles.
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