High-quality, High Performance Web Maps

Optimized Map Services

Esri has added additional support for representations, masking, and advanced labeling capabilities within an optimized map service (high performance, dynamic, high-quality maps on the Web). This greatly improves performance when using these high-end symbology and cartographic effects when either caching a map service, or if used in a live, dynamic map service.

Map Analysis Tools

As you author maps using ArcGIS Desktop to serve over the Web, map analysis tools can be used to ensure that the map document performs its best when caching or publishing. The map analysis tools make it possible to find any potential performance problems ahead of time and fix them before starting cache generation or publishing the map as a Web Service. Often small changes can make a big difference in performance.

  • Tools find potential problems
  • Step-by-step instructions for fixing problems
  • Combination of errors and warnings
  • Greatly increase your Web map’s performance
  • Preview map performance prior to publishing

Basemaps and Operational Layers

As a best practice for improving the performance of your Web maps, it is recommended to divide layers into those that serve as a Basemap (background data that doesn’t change often) and those that serve as Operational Layers (analysis results, frequently changing, live data). The Basemap layers can be cached and included as a cached map service that will ensure they draw quickly. Live, dynamic layers can be served as an optimized map service with superior performance.

  • ArcGIS Online provides a wealth of free Basemaps
  • Layers can be queried and results returned as pop-ups
  • Analysis results can be dynamically updated in your Web map
  • Real-time data feeds can be included as optimized services
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