Disconnected Mobile GIS Solutions

Mobile workers who create, edit, analyze, and display GIS data in the field but do not need to access a connected mobile GIS solution can use affordable field mapping applications to update their geodatabase via disconnected editing.

Data is quickly checked out of the database from the desktop, field edits are easily recorded using a handheld mobile device, and the data is checked back in to the database when the field-worker returns to the office.

Benefits of mobile GIS solutions that operate in a disconnected environment include

  • Streamlined field data collection
  • Ease of use with minimal field training
  • Simple editing capabilities
  • Increase in day-to-day field productivity
  • Seamless integration and support for current workflows
  • Incorporation of external hardware (GPS, digital cameras, range finders, etc.)
  • Customization for specific field tasks or projects.

ArcPad is Esri's solution for disconnected mobile applications. Learn more about ArcPad.

Trimble GeoXT device with ArcPad software.

Trimble GeoXT device with ArcPad software

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