Customer Success Stories

An increasing requirement for GIS architectures is standards-based interoperability. This is especially true of spatial data infrastructures. A sampling of Esri customers around the world using ArcGIS for their interoperable GIS solutions include

Abu Dhabi SDI Supports E-Government Programs
Esri's Jim Baumann describes how Abu Dhabi's spatial data infrastructure helps empower government and society.

European Union to Develop Comprehensive Spatial Data Infrastructure
Recognizing the need to unify its spatial data infrastructure (SDI), the European Union (EU) began to develop the INSPIRE initiative in 2002. The goal: To make geospatial data more readily available for European community policy making.

Colombia National Mapping Agency: Countrywide Mapping Made Possible with GIS
Read how the Colombia National Mapping Agency replaced its digital basemap and thematic map production system with a more efficient GIS system.

Build Mashups Using the New ArcGIS API for JavaScript
Developers are quickly adding elements of where to their Web sites along with other important data. They're creating mashups—popular applications that, in the GIS world, merge cartographic and other types of data from multiple sources into one Web mapping application. Mashups combine Web services to create new content.

ArcGIS - The Complete Enterprise GIS

LandNet Singapore—Share to Synergise
Supporting Singapore's vision of an integrated government, Singapore Land Authority's (SLA) Land Information Network (LandNet) is a spatial data-sharing portal that has propelled interagency sharing of information to a higher level.

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