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ArcGIS Workforce

A 360o View Keeps Things Right

A common view in the field and the back office allows the right things to happen: the right worker at the right place with the right tools to do the right job.

ArcGIS Workforce

Smart Devices, Smart Workers

Using devices to carry their maps and assignments makes it easy for your field workers to stay organized, report progress, call for assistance, and remain productive.

ArcGIS Workforce

Real-time Awareness

Gain insight from the office into the status of field assignments. Quickly adapt as priorities for field work change.

ArcGIS Workforce

Integrated with ArcGIS

Combined with other ArcGIS apps, you can maximize efficiency in your field workforce on a platform you trust.

How It Works

ArcGIS Workforce

Work is assigned to field workers

Status is reported back to the office

How It's Used

Value Inspections

Valve Inspections

Aging infrastructure and upholding of regulatory obligations drive daily maintenance activities that require strong coordination between the field and office. Operations groups can better manage the work load while field workers experience safer, more efficient inspection and maintenance activities.

Sales Leads

Sales Leads

Timely follow-up and effective qualification of hot sales leads is critical to success. Territory managers can apply a location strategy to plan, prioritize, and assign opportunities in a quick and agile fashion. Field staff use their smartphones or tablet devices to receive and quickly respond to qualified leads.

Service Requests

Service Requests

Local governments and service-based businesses strive to respond effectively when citizens and customers need assistance. Building centralized service request systems that route requests to the field dramatically improve their ability to efficiently and effectively respond to customer requests.

Capital Improvements

Capital Improvements

Capital improvement projects require constant supervision, inspection, and adherence to safety regulations. With varied contract work that demands a wide range of skilled contractors, Workforce for ArcGIS helps to streamline processes and allows you to monitor and manage work assigned to contractors and inspectors.

One Call Tickets

One Call Tickets

Scheduled excavations near underground pipelines, cable lines, or water mains generate electronically transmitted dig tickets from One Call Centers to affected facility companies. Integrating Workforce for ArcGIS into a ticket management system maximizes efficiency and accuracy by using mobile devices rather than paper to coordinate and manage field activities related to tickets.

Downed Trees

Snow, ice, wind, hail and even heavy rain can cause significant damage to residential trees. Uprooted, decapitated or branches broken by weather can wreak havoc in communities. Following a weather event, Workforce for ArcGIS can help plan, respond, and repair damage caused by downed trees and restore service quickly.

Get More out of Workforce for ArcGIS

Use this set of ArcGIS apps in combination with Workforce for ArcGIS to maximize efficiency in your field workforce.

Navigator Plus

for ArcGIS

Get field workers on the best possible route.

Collector Plus

for ArcGIS

Use map-centric workflows to capture detailed asset information.

Survey123 Plus

for ArcGIS

Use a form-centric workflow to capture data in any environment.

Operations Dashboard Plus

Dashboard for ArcGIS

Monitor, track, and assess your operations.

Common Questions

We have gathered some of the most common questions that our users have asked and answered them for you.

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What is Workforce for ArcGIS?

Workforce for ArcGIS is a mobile solution that uses the power of location-based decision making for better field workforce coordination and teamwork. Organizations using Workforce for ArcGIS benefit from:

Everything you need on one device: Mobile workers can easily view and process work assignments, provide updates on work status, and inform others of their location, all from one device.

Greater agility: Using real-time and location-based information, dispatchers can assign and prioritize fieldwork on the fly and ensure that work is assigned to the right people at the right time.

Increased productivity: Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual workforce management processes, reduce downtime, and keep projects on schedule.

When will Workforce for ArcGIS be available?

Our intent is to have a final product in Q2 2016. Timing of the final product may change depending on beta results.

Is Workforce for ArcGIS designed for a specific industry?

No. Workforce for ArcGIS is designed for use in any situation where you would otherwise use paper maps to organize and coordinate field work. Initial use cases include field inspections; service requests, maintenance and repair activities; permitting; and One Call (call before you dig) tickets.

Will Workforce for ArcGIS work with Portal for ArcGIS?

Not in the initial release. However, we are considering support for a future release of Portal for ArcGIS. If support for Portal is a requirement for you, we want to know! Email and tell us!

What mobile device platforms will be supported?

With the initial beta release, Workforce for ArcGIS will be available on iOS, quickly followed by the Android platform. We are planning to make it available on Windows 10 in subsequent releases.

Can I use Workforce for ArcGIS with Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123 for ArcGIS, and Navigator for ArcGIS?

Yes, all four of these apps can be used together on the same device. In fact, they have been designed to work together and we encourage you to use the ArcGIS suite of apps for the field to address your field workflows.

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Workforce for ArcGIS is available in beta.

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