Washington State Slide Maps

On March 22, 2014, a major landslide occurred near Oso, Washington. When a portion of a hillside collapsed, mud and debris cascaded across the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River and engulfed the Steelhead neighborhood of some 30 homes, killing at least 24 people and causing the disappearance of many more. Esri's mapping technology and demographic data provided up-to-date information about the impacts to people and infrastructure. For media inquiries, contact us at newsmaps@esri.com.

WA State Slide Photo Tour Map

Washington State Slide Photo Tour

Explore this interactive map showing images from social media. The slide area on the map is an approximation based on aerial photos and on the ground observations. View map

WA State Slide Swipe Map

Washington State Slide Swipe

Explore this interactive swipe map of pre- and post-event imagery of the slide near Oso, Washington. View map

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