Disaster Response Program

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Hurricane and Cyclone Support

Esri is supporting organizations that are responding to hurricane/cyclone disasters with software, data, imagery, project services, and technical support. If you are in need of software or support, complete the Request Assistance form. All requests should be justified in the message section of the form and are subject to approval.

"GIS allows our field crews access to all the information they need to quickly assess and properly address emergency situations."

Len Bundra, IT and GIS Director, Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority

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Continuously updated hurricane information shows the projected paths, storm surge, weather warnings, and precipitation. See the real-time effects of the storm via social media posts. For media inquiries, contact us at newsmaps@esri.com.

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Guidance and Resources

Not sure if the DRP can help you? Our Guidance and Resource document explains how we can support you and what we can offer during times of crisis. You can also utilize our Flooding Public Information Map and our Severe Weather Public Information Map.