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Facilities Management

Facilities managers are increasingly incorporating GIS into their IT toolbox throughout the life cycle of a facility, from site selection to sustainability. Esri can help you geo-enable your FM approach to support the following business processes for better decisions based on authoritative information:

Planning and Portfolio Management

Esri has helped government organizations and businesses incorporate GIS into their base and campus planning as well as their real estate portfolio management. With Esri's new CityEngine software, we can help you add 3D visualization into your planning and asset management as well.

Operations and Maintenance

Esri has helped many large organizations with multiple facilities and projects use GIS to manage space planning, construction management, work requests, and utility and asset management. Our consultants can also help you use GIS for space evaluation and utilization.

Sustainment, Security, and Compliance

Esri can help you deploy GIS to assemble and manage the enormous quantities of information provided by building automation and energy management systems and visualize that information in real-time for:

  • Campus and portfolio-wide query, analysis, and reporting on energy and environmental issues for combined interior and landscape environments.
  • Management of safety and security, including line-of-sight analysis, monitoring of points of entry, and tracking areas of higher than average safety issues.
  • Emergency planning and response.
  • Disaster planning and business continuity.

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Request more information about our services for Facilities Management or contact Patrick Wallis at 909-793-2853, extension 2224. If you are outside the United States, contact the Esri office that serves you.

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