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Geodesign is design in geographic space. Geodesign as a practice integrates geographic science with design by formalizing and expanding the role of geospatial technologies in design workflows.

Esri's geodesign consultants can assist you with expanding the capabilities of GIS to replicate and support your design workflows. This includes support for:

  • The ability to easily sketch alternative design scenarios and quickly get feedback on suitability by comparing the design proposal to geospatial databases.
  • Incorporating GIS, computer-aided design, and building information management into a collaborative system.
  • Applying 3D technologies to facilities management, urban planning, urban design, defense, simulation, and entertainment.

This approach provides your designer or design team with a wide body of science-based and value-based information for assessing both the geographic context of their designs and for evaluating the probable impacts of those designs.

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 The Future of Urban Design

The Future of Urban Design CityEngine, a 3D content creation tool is changing the process of Urban Design

This pedestrian bridge was generated using CityEngine.

This pedestrian bridge was generated using CityEngine.

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