Esri Professional Services

Land Administration and Cadastre

Land Administration

Esri Professional Services can help you manage your land information assets in a manner that streamlines workflows and enforces procedures in the correct, legal way.

We have helped national governments, regional governments, and private landowners around the world to:
  • Automate and integrate survey management business practices into the land administration framework.
  • Efficiently manage cadastral records and land parcel information in a GIS environment.
  • Publish and maintain digital land-use plans with geographic capabilities.
  • Develop an integrated database of ownership and land sales records as well as tools to maintain and update this information.
  • Streamline and automate business practices and administrative operations for greater efficiencies across land management organizations.

Marine Cadastre

Esri Professional Services has been at the forefront of helping government organizations manage their assets beyond land by developing marine cadastre solutions that help them improve marine spatial planning, boundary definition, and resource use. A tremendous number of a region's or country's resources are found in the ocean, making this a critical new direction for cadastre.

Moving to the Parcel Fabric

Esri provides services to support the migration and adoption of the parcel editing functionality in ArcGIS 10.x

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