Coordinating Transportation Planning Through a Centralized GIS system

North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), like many DOTs, needs to allot limited funds to multiple partner agencies, to maintain and improve transportation infrastructure. Efficiency and transparency are essential elements for NCDOT to meet new requirements enacted by the state legislature. They turned to Esri to help make it happen. NCDOT and Esri built a map-driven transportation project evaluation system. With the interface, local, state and federal agencies and planning organizations can enter proposed projects to be scored almost instantly based on objective criteria supported by underlying GIS data. The new method for prioritizing construction funding allows for more efficient coordination between NCDOT and its partners.  It is expected to stretch funds and drive twice as many projects than would have been built through the previous process.

Project Highlights

  • Connecting multiple stakeholders
  • Web interface
  • System of transparency
  • Project evaluation
  • Transportation projects frequently cross multiple
    jurisdictions and involve a wide range of interests.
  • Over thirty organizations and NCDOT divisions utilize the SPOT On!ine system.
  • Users enter proposed projects and see near real-time quantitative scores based on the underlying GIS data.
  • Users can view and edit their projects and associated factors in a map view
  • All projects and their associated data can be viewed in the main map view