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Rent-a-Tech Services

Define the type and extent of services you need and have that support delivered quickly through this flexible program, which provides short-term technical consulting services to existing Esri product users. Rent-a-Tech services are intended to help you:

  • Get the support you need when you need it.
  • Develop your self-sufficiency.
  • Focus on your project while tapping into our expertise.

To request Rent-a-Tech Services, contact Esri for a quote for customized services or consider whether one of our Services Packages can meet your needs.

Services Packages

Services Packages are standardized offerings with a defined scope and fixed price. They cover a variety of Esri products and GIS management tasks and are designed to help you:

  • Reduce product installation and implementation time.
  • Quickly adopt new Esri technologies.
  • Improve productivity and operational effectiveness.

Services Packages are available to US customers and partners. They comprise:

  • Workshops: Interactive, hands-on technology transfer to help you become self-sufficient in using Esri technology. Workshop-based Services Packages cover specific Esri technology and GIS- or industry-related activities.
  • Jumpstarts: Designed to help you quickly become self-sufficient in installing, implementing, and managing Esri software.
    Jumpstart Services Packages typically provide knowledge transfer and best practices for the use of Esri products.
  • Remote Support: Provides a defined number of hours of telephone and email assistance after the conclusion of a workshop or jumpstart Services Package.
  • Enterprise Consulting: Offers specific assistance from our Enterprise Services consultants in key areas such as enterprise GIS architecture design and health checks.

Available packages

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  • Improve productivity and operational effectiveness.

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