Esri Premium Support Services

Program Details

The following components are included within the Premium Support Services program:

  • Assigned Technical Account Lead
    Your assigned Technical Account Lead will work directly with your organizations Authorized Callers facilitate your Premium Support needs.
  • Prioritized incident management
    All Premium Support incident requests will be acknowledged within one hour, will automatically be set with a higher priority and will immediate by assigned to a Premium Support Level Analyst.
  • Support Available 24/7/365
    Analysts are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year to log and work on your organizations Premium Support Incidents
  • Proactive incident status reporting
    Your Technical Account Lead will provide you with a daily Status updates on all Premium Support incidents.
  • Premium access to the My Support Portal
    Premium Support Authorized Callers will be able to use the My Support Portal to log and track Premium incidents, enter and maintain GIS system profiles, and access other Premium Support-related tools.
  • Network and System profiles
    Complete and maintain an inventory of your GIS technical environment in the My Support Portal
  • Software alert newsletter
    Receive e-mail news bulletins that alert you to current software development efforts and patches available for download.
  • Premium Support review
    The objective of this meeting is to review your Premium Support incidents as well as proactively communicate software news and updates.

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