Seek Productive Information Communication

A well-run community identifies opportunities to achieve advantageous collaboration. If data and developments are shared openly, both citizens and infrastructure providers benefit from events such as road resurfacing. When multiple agencies can inspect and repair assets simultaneously, time and money are saved while reducing future disruptions in the process.

Well-Run Community Organizations

Find Effective Solutions for Community Issues

Enrich the Return on an ArcGIS Investment

Well-run communities afford government departments information hubs to gain insight and respond rapidly while factoring all impacted parties. Public and private partnerships flourish with centralized, transparent data platforms, helping administrations address issues, provide quality services, and ensure that operations remain well-ran despite adversity.


Urban Insight

Can you address shortcomings and dependably deliver critical services to all your citizens?

To better understand your community, go beyond traditional demographics by analyzing lifestyle and behavior patterns with Esri’s Community Analyst app. Whether tracking commuting patterns to determine public transportation placement or assessing employment opportunities in relation to a population’s labor skills, maps add clarity to community challenges while data drives forward-thinking decisions. Once areas for improvement have been identified, devise smart planning to address accordingly.


Capital Investments

Do you prioritize budgets based on community needs?

Well-run communities take a scientific approach to project budgeting and prioritization. Map expenditures based on location and overlay critical data about your community's needs to make smarter decisions about which programs to advance, cut, or pause. Through ArcGIS and the GeoPlanner app, communities can prioritize capital improvements such as transportation corridors, schools, or shopping centers with GIS-generated site suitability maps that convey if a project is ideal or not.


Project Proposals

Do you and your staff make data-driven decisions?

Empower everyone in the decision-making process with data, analysis, and collaboration tools to support successful initiatives. Smart maps bring new meaning to spreadsheets, helping stakeholders see patterns and make use of real-time visualizations that foster data-driven decisions. Source vast sums of in-house, crowd-sourced, and historical data to ensure all available information is appropriately considered.


Intelligent Response

Are you responsive to citizen concerns and complaints?

Whether responding to an individual or a cluster of concerned citizens, communities use crowd-source apps to poll public opinion. Issues are best served when analyzed by time and location so that trends and patterns may be identified for smart planning. Location-based insights are in turn used to increase the efficiency and productivity of response in a community by proactively addressing emerging problems, such as graffiti or pot holes, before complaints begin to accumulate.


Citizen Engagement

Do you engage businesses, citizens, and organizations in your community?

Keeping a community informed 24 hours a day, seven days a week may be the new norm, but so is the expectation for the conversation to go both ways. When there are open data initiatives available, transparent governments openly collaborate with citizens. Take advantage of configurable engagement tools, such as mobile apps that report vandalism, 911 activity, and road closures, to heighten a community’s involvement. Articulate demographic trends, development plans, and highlight opportunities through Story Maps to elicit business interest as well as individuals’ feedback.


Field Services

Are you empowering staff with mobile tools?

The era of paper-backed workflows has come and gone. Workforces equipped with mobile devices and ready-to-use, location-driven software boost operational efficiency and response time. From data collection to information retrieval and upload, all aspects of field work are completed quicker, smarter, and easier through mobile connectivity. Management also benefits from mobile tools. Work orders are relayed instantly, freshly collected data is analyzed upon upload, and staff in the field can be communicated current information or precisely tracked in real-time.


Open Government

Does your community have open access to public information and priorities?

Take your open data strategy to the next level with a hub approach to building collaboration between government and the public. When an ArcGIS enterprise platform serves as a data hub for an entire community, citizens can see smart maps of high crime areas, flood zones, development priorities and other valuable information they need to remain informed. With a hub, residents, government staff, and business owners share access to real-time, authoritative data. Giving all parties the tools they need to stay engaged encourages data-driven decisions and the discovery of previously unseen insights.

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Esri’s Hub Approach Guides Innovative Intelligence

With the right process, people, and technology, any community can be well-run. From the smallest towns to entire nations, information hubs help organizations achieve initiatives. Connect with Esri for a wealth of resources that elevate the essential characteristics of progressive, smart communities.

System of Record

Create an authoritative, digital twin of your community by connecting disparate systems through location.


Stakeholders source reliable data to develop ideas, intelligently assess, and accomplish goals.

Collaboration Across Departments

People connect to information via web apps and data portals to work together and drive solutions.


Impartial and forthright data helps governments gain the necessary trust to build consensus in its priorities.


Monitor live events as they occur to afford managers the insight to react swiftly and intelligently.

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