ArcGIS for AutoCAD

Common Questions

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Who is ArcGIS for AutoCAD for?
Where do I get ArcGIS for AutoCAD?
Is ArcGIS for AutoCAD available in multiple languages?


What is new in the latest release?
What types of ArcGIS web services can be accessed through ArcGIS for AutoCAD?
Is there a superior method to using Shapefiles?
Can I edit geodatabase features with ArcGIS for AutoCAD?
Does ArcGIS for AutoCAD support ArcGIS Enterprise geoprocessing services?

Licensing | Platform Support

Can I access content from ArcGIS Online using ArcGIS for AutoCAD?
Do I need an ArcGIS Enterprise license to use ArcGIS web services in ArcGIS for AutoCAD?
What versions of AutoCAD does ArcGIS for AutoCAD work with?
Does ArcGIS for AutoCAD work with AutoCAD Map 3D/Civil 3D?
What versions of ArcGIS Server does ArcGIS for AutoCAD work with?