What Is GeoEnrichment?

GeoEnrich your maps with demographic and lifestyle data that describe income, consumer behavior, market potential, and more. Add map layers or interactive infographics to your maps or generate preformatted PDF or Excel reports. You can also geoenrich your spreadsheet data by appending demographic and lifestyle data using Esri Maps for Office or Esri Maps for SharePoint.

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How Many Service Credits Does GeoEnrichment Use?

GeoEnrichment Service Credits Used
Demographic and Lifestyle Maps 10 credits per 1,000 map requests
Data Enrichment 10 credits per 1,000 data variables (attributes)
Infographics 10 credits  per 1,000 views
Reports 10 credits per report

Scenario 1

A small regional coffee shop chain wants to use Esri Maps for Office to create a clustered point map of 2,000 of its best customers for 20 retail locations. It adds a median household income map layer to the map and, over the course of a year, views (requests) the map 1,000 times

Geocode and map 2,000 customer addresses 80 credits
Geocode and map 20 store addresses 0.8 credits
1,000 demographic map requests 10 credits
Service credits used 90.8

Scenario 2

The marketing department of a beverage distributor wants to find out why 5 retail locations in one city consistently outperform all the rest of the retail outlets in the same city based on sales. The marketing analyst uses an infographic that shows the age distribution of the population around the successful stores. Over the course of a year, the infographic for the 5 different locations is viewed a total of 500 times. In addition, a report is generated for each store showing the demographic profile for a one-mile region around the store and another report showing financial expenditures for a one-mile region around each store.

View infographic showing age distribution 500 times 5 credits
5 demographic reports and 5 financial expenditure reports 100 credits
Service credits used 105

Scenario 3

A nonprofit organization wants to do more focused outreach campaigns. For this purpose, it uses Esri Maps for Office to add median household income, median age, and average family size to the spreadsheet of 5,000 donors.

Geocode and map 5,000 donor addresses 200 credits
Append median age, median household income, and average family size data to 5,000 donor records in Excel 5,000 donor addresses x 3 variables = 150 credits
Service credits used 350

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