Service Credits Estimator Scenario Example

Using ArcGIS Online Spatial Analysis Services

A health care organization with 10 analysts is using ArcGIS Online hosted services and analytical capabilities to help patients locate the best health care facilities and to help health care facilities find patients based on user-specified criteria.

The health care organization is using:

  • 10 feature services, each about 2.1 MB, hosted in ArcGIS Online
  • Summarize Nearby analysis to locate the type and number of health care facilities within one mile of a patient’s location
  • Summarize Within analysis to locate how many patients are within three miles of a health care facility
  • Create Hotspots analysis to identify statistically significant hot spots and cold spots of health care facility locations
  • Analysis output storage, about 4.1 MB, hosted in ArcGIS Online

Total service credits used per year:

  • Data transfer is included in the ArcGIS Online subscription and doesn't use any service credits
  • 10 feature services hosted in ArcGIS Online over a one-year period: 60 service credits
  • Summarize Nearby for 75 health care facilities and 50,000 patients: 25,038 service credits
  • Create Hot Spots for 75 health care facilities and Summarize Within for 75 health care facilities with 50,000 patients: 50 service credits
  • Storing analysis output as hosted feature services in ArcGIS Online over a one-year period: 12 service credits

Total service credits used: 25,160

View this scenario in the Service Credits Estimator.

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