Creating Multi-Vehicle Routes Using ArcGIS Online Network Analysis Services

A medical supplies company delivers oxygen to 252 residential customers per day. Each customer has a required time window, and each visit takes approximately 15 minutes. The supply company has 20 available vehicles to perform the deliveries. Based on these parameters, the ArcGIS Online Network Analysis Services calculates on average 15 routes. (Note: After optimization, not all vehicles are required to perform the day’s work). The organization typically makes additional edits and adds stops to the 15 routes once a day during the driver’s lunch break, and routes are refactored based on new high-priority orders and also a few cancellations. The planning exercise is run daily with an average use of 15 vehicles and 2 route solves performed per day, 260 workdays per year.

The organization is using:

15 vehicles x 2 route solves per day x 260 workdays, which results in 7,800 multi-vehicle routes.

Total service credits used per year:

  • Data transfer is included in the ArcGIS Online subscription and doesn't use any service credits
  • 7,800 multi-vehicle routes: 7,800 service credits

Total service credits used: 7,800

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