ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server

This extension gives you the ability to extend many of the data quality workflows that you use with ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop as web services and make them available through web and mobile client applications.

With this extension, you can

  • Leverage web services to publish data quality control workflows across your entire team.
  • Improve the quality of already published web services by deploying easy-to-use tools for collecting and managing data quality feedback from customers.
  • Track and report the quality of your data in new ways and across multiple reporting platforms.

Why Use ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server?

The ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension allows you to expand collaboration in the data quality management process across a broad community of stakeholders, cooperators, and other interested parties by leveraging  a variety of application platforms (Web, mobile, desktop). Other key features include:

  • Improve efficiency by offloading time-consuming data validations from ArcGIS for Desktop clients to your organization's intranet or cloud-hosted server infrastructure
  • Improve management and oversight of your data investment by scheduling and automatically executing data validations on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Save time and increase productivity by incorporating data quality feedback as a new function of existing web GIS applications.
  • Increase awareness of data quality by enabling open access to information about data quality.

If you're a registered user of ArcGIS for Server, you can get a 60-day evaluation of the Data Reviewer extension for no cost. Talk to your local Esri representative for more details.


The ArcGIS Data Reviewer for ArcGIS for Server can be optionally licensed for ArcGIS for Server Standard or Advanced editions and is available for Windows only.