ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server

This extension allows you to connect with virtually any type of streaming data and automatically alert personnel when specified conditions occur—all in real time. GeoEvent Processor changes your everyday geographic information system (GIS) applications into frontline decision applications, helping you respond faster and with remarkable accuracy whenever and wherever change happens.

With this extension, you can

  • Connect to Any Sensor—GeoEvent Processor includes connectors for common sensors including in-vehicle GPS devices, mobile devices, and social media providers. Additional connectors can be found online, enabling you to handle the types of sensors you use.
  • Process and Filter Real-Time Data—With GeoEvent Processor, you can accommodate multiple streams of data flowing continuously through filters and processing steps (that you define), allowing you to detect and focus on the most important events, locations, and thresholds for your operations without interruption.
  • Monitor Assets, Update Maps, and Alert Key Personnel—GeoEvent Processor makes it possible to track all of your most valuable assets on a map, whether they are dynamic assets that are changing location, such as vehicles, aircraft or vessels, or stationary assets built into your physical networks and infrastructure. When locations change or critical thresholds are met, GeoEvent Processor can automatically and simultaneously send alerts to key personnel, update the map, and append the database, as well as interoperate with other enterprise systems.

Why Use GeoEvent Processor?

GeoEvent Processor gives you the ability to incorporate real-time information streams with existing GIS data, enterprise databases and applications, including the ArcGIS platform.

You can

  • Connect sensors to map features hosted on ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server so they represent the most up-to-date information happening in the real world.
  • View feature status using any ArcGIS viewer, such as Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.
  • Enrich the data from incoming events with additional fields joined in from a feature service.
  • Use existing features as geofence events. You can even create geofences on-the-fly without interrupting the stream.
  • Filter streams using spatial and/or attribute conditions to view only the most important features.
  • Store historical events using feature services.

Developers can create new connectors using the GeoEvent Processor Software Development Kit (SDK).

A GeoEvent Processor Success

Read about how Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) integrated real-time data with its geospatial infrastructure using the GeoEvent Processor. RPU was able to route their service trucks quicker and find and fix outages faster to reduce downtime and improve customer service.


GeoEvent Processor is an optional extension for ArcGIS for Server Standard and Advanced editions.

Talk to your local Esri representative for more details.

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Connect to and monitor real-time data connections.

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