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Esri News for Community Maps

This edition of Esri News for Community Maps Program includes program news, training updates, and event listings.

New Workshop: Community Maps Data Preparation

Data Prep Tools We are creating resources to help contributors use the newly released Community Maps data preparation tools more effectively. An online, hands-on workshop shows potential contributors how to prepare their data for the Community Maps Program. Read More »

Year-End Review: Esri’s Living Atlas of the World and Community Maps

Living Atlas of the World In 2014, Esri’s content offerings increased tremendously. The ArcGIS content team has created and curated content into the diverse collections of the Living Atlas of the World.
Read More »

Check Out Oz in the Latest Ocean Basemap

Aussie The Ocean Basemap team has expanded the data content in the World Ocean Basemap. The latest release features data from Geoscience Australia. Read More »

New Contribution App Feature: Expanded Layer List

Expanded Layer List The Community Maps Contribution Application has been simplified, making it easier to contribute and manage basemap data layers. The list of layers accepted from contributors was expanded by dividing an existing general layer into subcomponents. Read More »