EDN Subscriptions Include

ArcGIS Engine (Single Use)
ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst for Engine
ArcGIS Network Analyst for Engine
ArcGIS Data Interoperability for Engine
ArcGIS Geodatabase Edit for Engine
ArcGIS Tracking Analyst for Engine
ArcGIS Schematics for Engine
ArcGIS 3D Analyst for Engine
ArcGIS for Server (Workgroup or Enterprise) Basic Standard Advanced
Portal for ArcGIS—Level 1    
ArcGIS 3D Analyst for Server    
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst for Server    
ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst for Server    
Esri Defense Mapping    
ArcGIS Schematics for Server  
ArcGIS Data Interoperability for Server  
ArcGIS Network Analyst for Server  
ArcGIS Image Extension for Server  
ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server  
ArcGIS Workflow Manager for Server  
ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server  
Esri Production Mapping  
Esri Roads and Highways for Server  
ArcGIS for Maritime: Server  
ArcGIS for Desktop (Single Use—Optional) Basic Standard Advanced
ArcGIS Online —Single Named User
ArcGIS Pro—One License
Esri CityEngine 2016 Advanced
ArcGIS Network Analyst for Desktop
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst for Desktop
ArcGIS 3D Analyst for Desktop


EDN licenses are solely for the purposes of research, development, testing, and demonstration of your application. Each EDN subscription can only be used by a single authorized developer. For complete terms and conditions, see the Esri Licensing Terms of Use.


As an EDN subscriber, you have the option to add technical support to your EDN subscription. This support option gives you a block of 10 technical support calls for any product included with EDN within the subscription period.


As a developer, you have access to online resources at the ArcGIS Resource Center. You may also want to sign up for an ArcGIS Online Developer Plan.