ArcGIS Schematics is a solution for the automation of schematic representations of ArcGIS geodatabases. ArcGIS Schematics allows you to better manage and visualize virtually any linear physical and logical network including social and economic networks. With ArcGIS Schematics, any kind of network, including electric power, traffic lights, delivery rounds, and computers, can be represented. Using ArcGIS Schematics, you can quickly check network connectivity, understand network architecture, and shorten the decision cycle by presenting synthetic and focused views of the network.

With ArcGIS Schematics, you can

  • Automatically generate schematics from complex networks.
  • Perform quality control of network data.
  • Optimize network design and analysis.
  • Conduct forecasting and planning (modeling, simulation, and comparative analysis).
  • Dynamically interact with GIS through a schematic view.

ArcGIS Schematics is also available as an extension for ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Engine.

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